additional classes for members and non-members

Group tumble classes:

We believe that tumbling is an important part of cheerleading and place an additional emphasis on the development of these skills over other cheerleading clubs. At QCE, tumbling classes are offered as part of every competitive athlete’s weekly training. Once an athlete is accepted into a team, their tumbling level will be assessed, and they will be allocated to an appropriate level tumble class (levels 1-5).

This allows for athletes to work in a smaller group of 8-10 athletes to develop their tumbling, allowing for faster progression and development of skills.

Anyone can enroll in one of these tumble classes, including our semi-competitive and recreational students as well as non-members.

Flight School:

Flight School classes are an additional class held for 60 minutes per week which focuses on improving flexibility, balance and body control. This class is compulsory for all flyers in our competitive program, and optional for anyone else wanting to improve their flexibility and strength.

Private Tumble Classes:

We offer 30 and 60 minute private tumble classes, where students can focus on achievement of specific tumble skills i.e. a back handspring, standing tuck, walkover etc. These allow for one-on-one attention from our specialist tumble coaches to allow the student to achieve their tumbling goals in a shorter amount of time. Classes are sold in blocks of 5 weeks are $38 per 30 minutes. Classes are open to all QCE athletes as well as non-members. 

Open Gym/ Group Stunt:

Open Gym runs Friday night at our North gym (6:30-8:30pm) and South-West gym (7:30-9:00pm). Open gym sessions are $12 for 2 hours (Kedron), or $10 for 1.5 hours (Sumner). All athletes wishing to be a part of a group stunt can train during these times. The stunt coach will help students create their routines and learn their skills. A tumble coach will also be available during these sessions.

Jump and Strength Class:

Jump and strength classes will be offered in 2017 for athletes wanting to improve their overall strength to assist with their tumbling, jumps and stunting skills. Classes will also concentrate on jump technique and will run for 30 minutes. Classes are $5 per week for all QCE members.

To find out times and to enroll, email us at or fill in the form below. 

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Please let us know the athlete's age, gym location (North or South-west) and which classes they are interested in, as well as asking any questions you may have.