Being 14 - A Great Insight into the secret world of teens

I am always on the look out for resources and books to help us best deal with the hurdles our athletes will come across during their time with us, to assist them on a coaching level as well as on a personal level.

During the holidays, I was on the hunt for a good book to read as I have increasingly found myself unsure of what some of our teen girls are thinking and why they react in certain ways to the things around them.

I happened to stumble across Madonna King's new book, Being 14. In the book, Madonna interviews 200 14-year old girls from around Australian and gives insight into such issues as:

- How friendship groups operate within schools and the power or pain of these

- What social media means for them, and some of the ways parents are missing the signs that boundaries are needed

- Parties - how to navigate this exciting but potentially risky business and what common pitfalls to avoid

- What teenage girls are most commonly worried about (and it's not always what you think) 

- How parents are unknowingly creating more pressure and stress for their kids - and how sometimes challenges and difficult periods can be good for growth and building resilience 

I found this book extremely interesting and has given me a new perspective - it took me right back to how I felt 16 years ago, trying to navigate the sea of hormones, work pressure, perfectionism and trying to meet up to the expectations of my friends, family, teachers, and mostly - myself. 

In a world of increasingly high stakes, time scarcity and constant comparison, it can be a difficult and anxiety-ridden time in our teen's lives. Knowing how they feel (even if they won't/can't/don't know how to express it to you), is a great step forward in reacting in a way which helps them to navigate through this time in the best possible way.

I have a copy if any of our parents would like to read, otherwise Being 14 is available at all good bookshops and many online retailers.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this - especially from those WITH 14 year olds.. I've still got 13 years to go until I reach this for myself as a parent. 

Finally, we do have some one-on-one meeting time slots coming up shortly. If you wanted to book in touch base with your child's coach, or Emma or myself, please stay tuned for info on email. I would love to catch up with you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have, or just a chance to check-in and see how your child/teen/you are doing at QCE!

- Shannon 


Mid Year Intake at QCE - July 8th, 2017!

Where has 2017 gone?

We are now half way through the season, and looking to fill our semi-competitive and competitive teams with those looking to join Queensland Cheer Elite for the remainder of the season.

We still have some exciting events and competitions to come, including:

* Performing at the EKKA

* Performing at a Broncos Game at Suncorp Stadium

* Competitions in August, September, October and November (only 1 for our semi competitive team, and 4 remaining for our competitive teams)

* Our end of year Ball

* Fun and games in class to celebrate many holidays and events, including our NISHMAS tradition!

We would love to see some new faces down at the gym - we accept all ages and all levels of experience and have positions available on all semi teams, and some comp teams, pending your age and experience levels. All our beginner competitive teams have openings and we would love to welcome some new members to the fold! It's never too late to join, so come and give it a go at QCE!

Please see our event on Facebook for all the details HERE:

To register, please fill out the online form (by parent/guardian if under 18) HERE: or you can fill out on the day! 

 If you have any questions at all, please email! 


2017: What a year (and it's only just begun!)

What a way to kick off the year in 2017!

We have had so many new faces walk through the door and we are so excited to be given the chance to welcome to many new athletes to the sport of cheerleading!

We have had many exciting events already in term 1, including our annual sleepovers in the gym, team bonding days and events in class and we are now starting to learn our stunt sequences in order to start putting our routines together for the 2017 season. 

It is heart warming to see the passion and love for the sport that are brimming out of each team and we welcome term 2 with open arms and it signifies the start of the best time of year.... COMP SEASON!

We are still welcoming new members into the club each week in all our teams (recreational, semi and competitive) and encourage anyone wanting to give cheer a go, to register for a trial - we bet you will love it! Just email our friendly admin staff at 

Wishing all our members a safe and restful Easter break and looking forward to choreography camp, and term 2 which kicks off on Tuesday 18th of April 2017.

- Shannon and Emma 

Spring Carnival

Congratulations to each and every athlete for being outstanding competitors. Despite all the hurdles we had to overcome, each team still hit the mat determined to do their best and were able to get out on the floor and represent QCE with pride. We now look forward to Family and Friends Night and nationals with a renewed sense of purpose and 6 weeks to make our goals into a reality! 

As always, thank you x 1000000 to our coaches, you guys did an amazing job holding it together on the weekend, and our captains and team mums for being so organised and helpful on the day. You all worked together brilliantly to make the day run smoothly. Thank you also to our cheer families who were organised and on time to the event, reducing the stress for everyone involved.


Junior jets 1st
Emeralds 1st + overall 2 and pinnacle
Crystals 1st + pinnacle
Garnets 1st
Sapphires 1st
Pink diamonds 1st + pinnacle
Aquamarine 3rd
Diamonds 1st
Flawless 1st
Lady jades 1st
Opals - great performance but no place this time
Firestones - great performance but no place this time
Ambers - great performance but no place this time
Rubies 1st + overall 1
Rose quartz 1st
Peppermint pearls 1st
Lemon Quartz 3rd
Pink pearls 3rd
Purple Quartz 2nd
Smokey Quartz 3rd
Peach pearls 1st
White pearls 1st
QUT neon 2nd
UQ supernova 1st
UQ infinity 2nd
QUT titanium 1st

Well done to all! Bring on Family and Friends Night in 4ish weeks time! 🎉

Junior Jets having fun at Spring Carnival!

QCE in the NEWS

Very excitingly, we were featured on the Today Extra program today, showcasing competitive cheerleading in Australia and what it's all about.

The athletes were SO excited to be able to showcase their tumbling and stunting skills on camera and some were lucky enough to be interviewed for the story.

Our goal at QCE since we began was to educate the public on the 'real' side of competitive cheerleading and why it is such an amazing sport for young people.

We have had to face many stereotypes and judgements as people have been in the dark about cheerleading and what it's all about. Many were not aware of our style of cheer and how it differs from many other styles that Australian's are exposed to (NRL cheerleading, cheerleaders in the movies / TV / on video clips). But it's amazing to note that as the years go by, more and more people have an understanding of competitive cheerleading, what it's about, and that it's an athletic, challenging and legitimate choice of sport for young people to participate in.

A HUGE thank you to Today Extra for airing a story which portrayed our sport in such an insightful and respectful manner! You can see a snippet of the story here:




We are looking for an addtional tumble coach to join the ranks of the QCE coaching staff for 2016.

We offer flexible working hours, young and energetic coaching environment, paid coach training and development, above award rates (we pay higher rates than most gymnastics clubs) and many other benefits.

We are looking for a male or female coach with experience and confidence in coaching basic tumble (round offs, walk overs, cartwheels) as well as front and back handsprings and round off tucks as a start. Any higher level experience welcome and will be utilised. Ex-gymnasts are a great option for us and we can give you the coach training you need to transition from athlete to coach.

Our tumble classes are fully programmed by our head tumble coach and you will recieve all training required to deliver coaching to the QCE standard. All classes are capped at 10 athletes or less, grouped in age and skill level, creating a great environment for athletes to learn and develop their skills more quickly.

If you are looking for a chance to work with Queensland's largest cheer club - in an ever growing and rewarding environment, shoot us an email at with a CV and why you want to work for QCE.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Mid Year Placement Day

It's all happening at QCE these school holidays!

The next event is our Mid Year Placement Day, for all those wanting to join a semi-competitive or competitive team at QCE. This is happening tomorrow, Wednesday 6th of July at both our Kedron and Sumner gyms. 

Click HERE for all the details. To register, just enter your details on our online athlete form here (or you can do this when you turn up tomorrow to the session): 

All those who want to join our recreational program can join without attending this session, you just need to email us to sign up at 

Open Day is almost here!

If you are wanting to find out what competitive cheer is all about at QCE, our Kedron Open Day is PERFECT for you!

This will be held this Saturday 25th of June, from 10am-3pm at our gym at 75 Araluen Street, Kedron.

We will be offering:

* Fun kids activities including face painting, jumping castle, games

* Free 30 minute cheerleading classes

* Jumping castle

* Free BBQ and refreshments

* Opportunity to meet our coaches and owners and find out more about QCE

* The chance to book in for a free trial class in term 3

For all the details, click HERE or email us at

No need to register - just turn up any time between 10am-3pm to join in the fun! All welcome! 

The ideal sporting parent

As we enter into the busiest, most exciting and (sometimes), most stressful time of the season - competition season, it's important to think about why we do what we do, and what kind of outcome we are wanting for our athletes - and how we can support them to have the best possible season - as coaches, as parents and as supporters. It's timely to remember that at the end of the day, sport is above all supposed to be fun (as well as challenging, exciting and developmental). 

I think this video really explains what kids are looking for when it comes to parent support and sport, and why sometimes less is more! It can be challenging not to offer advice, or not to get too immersed in the competitiveness of sport.

Take a look here:

We would love to hear your feedback, or you can always book in with us for a mid-year meeting to discuss your child's goals and how we can achieve these in a supportive, encouraging and respectful manner, so your child can progress while maintaining their love and passion for cheer.

To book in, email us at (more information to come this week). 



As you know, we have moved our Northside location from Geebung to Kedron as of January 2016.

To celebrate the move and to show everyone our new gym, we are holding an Open Day on Saturday 25th of June 2016 and all are welcome to attend.

Time: 10am-3pm (come anytime!)

We will be holding:

- FREE 30 minute cheerleading and tumbling workshops

- Free Sausage Sizzle and refreshments

- Jumping castle

- cheerleading demonstrations from our current students

All can join in with a class to see what cheer is all about, or just have some fun on the jumping castle and our tumbling equipment, grab a free sausage sizzle and check out our new facility!

To find out more, send us an email at for an Open Day flyer or a QCE information pack, for more about us! You can also contact our friendly reception staff on (07) 3350 3328.


2016 season is off with a BANG!

The 2016 season begins just like any other - new teams are forming, new and returning faces are being seen around the gyms, skill development is in full swing and new friendships are being formed.

But with one BIG difference! We have now moved into our amazing new facility for our Northside program at Kedron (10 minutes drive North of the CBD).

Our new gym is equipped with 2 full size sprung floors, with another 2 on the way! We have new gymnastics equipment and a tumble tramp which will be installed soon. 

We are SO excited to see the Northside program develop thanks to the move and can't wait to see what 2016 brings for our athletes!

We also have some new and exciting improvements for our Sumner Park program, which has also exploded in popularity and size this year thanks to the amazing and supportive core of athletes and families who keep our program going, year after year. 

We will keep you posted throughout the term so check back to find out more about what is happening at QCE! 


Our FREE workshops are in full swing this week (happening until Friday 11th of December) and our Placement Days begin Friday 11th - Sunday 13th of December.  

We welcome all new faces to our Northside and Sumner Park gyms and look forward to seeing you learn new skills and find out more about our great sport.

To register and find out more about Placement Days (where you will come for a workshop to be placed into a team for 2016), join the Facebook event here:

Or email us for all the information at 

Joining in 2016 Information

Thanks to all for their patience while we put together our 2016 Information Pack.

To register for yours, please click here:

We hope to have these out to you by the end of October with everything you need to know about joining us for next year.

Any questions at all, please let us know at 

NB: Current members do not need to register, you will be sent an information pack ASAP! 

Big hair and pom poms?

So many people still associate cheer with big hair, pom poms, knee high boots and high kicks, but we know that firstly, there's no a pom pom in sight, and secondly - cheerleading is so much more than what you see on TV.

At our club, we compete against other cheer clubs - we do not cheer on the sidelines for another sport - our athletes are the competitors and we train 11 months of the year to perfect our routines and compete against other clubs around the country.

If you want to see what All Star (that is, competitive) cheerleading is all about, CLICK HERE (this is a world class routine which won the gold at the USASF World Championships in Florida in 2013). 

Mid-Year Sign On Day - July 2015

Mid Year Sign On for QCE 2015 (for all wanting to join a competitive team with us for the rest of 2015):

DATE: Saturday 11th of July

QCE North (128 Granite St, Geebung):

Level beginners / level 1 -9-10am
Level 2: 10-11am
Level 3, 4 and 5: 11-12 noon

QCE West (Cnr Spine and Neon St, Sumner Park):

Beginners and Level 1: 9-10am
Level 2 and 3: 10-11am

Cost: FREE

Bring: Adult / guardian must sign athletes in if under 18 - all paperwork required available at reception

Wear: Work out clothes and sneakers

To register and for your 2015 Information Pack (outlining costs and more), please contact us at

Term 1 Wrap Up!

What an amazing (and BUSY!) start to our season in 2015!

We have met so many new faces and welcomed many new athletes to the sport of cheerleading at QCE.

We are now in the process of having our routines choreographed over the Easter holidays - then we are back to classes as of Monday the 20th of April, working towards our first competition for the year (AASCF Winterfest, June 19-21).

We are still welcoming recreational and competitive students to the fold so please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about joining us in 2015 - just shoot us an email at and we will be in touch!

P.S Did you know that QCE will be returning to NCA in 2016? If you wanted to join us on the trip, please see here for all the details about tryouts coming up on May 2nd: 


It's not too late to join QCE for 2015. We are one of Queensland's biggest gyms with fully equipped gyms on the North and South-West of Brisbane (Geebung and Sumner Park) for all ages and abilities.

We will be having our January Placement Day on Thursday 22nd of January 2015.

This will be happening at the same time at both Geebung and Sumner Park so please attend the location which suits you best.

Sumner Park: Cnr Spine and Neon St, Sumner Park 
Geebung: 128 Granite St, Geebung 

4-5pm: Beginners / level 1 athletes ages 5 to adult
5-6:30pm: Level 2 athletes ages 5 to adult
6:30-8pm: Level 3, 4, 5 athletes ages 9 to adult

Placement is $10 for all athletes - please pay upon arrival to the gym. No need to register, just turn up 15 minutes early to sign in (must be signed in by a parent if under 18).

Any questions at all, please email us at

Team placement emails have been sent!

Just a quick update that all our team placement emails have now been sent for all those who attended Placement Days with us.

If you are yet to receive your email, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Just to let you know, we will be taking a short break from the office from Sunday 21st December until Wednesday 7th of January 2015. 

Merry Christmas! Have a great and safe break, can't wait to see you all in 2015!

Shannon and Emma 

QCE Owners