Nationals 2014 Wrap Up!

What a weekend for QCE!

Incredible performances and some beautiful moments. Every single routine was the best we have seen all year and our athletes performed out of their skin, we hope you loved the experience!

A big, huge thank you to our athletes, parents and cheer mums / captains for being so organised. You made our life so easy! The weekend ran like clockwork and we couldn't be more appreciative that we all worked together to make nationals such a smooth and successful weekend for our club.

To our amazing, motivated, driven coaches - you are the heart and soul of QCE and a key reason as to why we had such a great showing this weekend. Thank you all for everything that you do and also thanks to our tumble and flight school coaches who do the ground work to make sure our athletes are ready to compete.

Final results for the weekend:

Open 5 AG Diamonds
Teen 4 AG Black ice
Open 3 AG Jades
Open 2 AG Sapphires
Teen 2 Emeralds
Teen 2 AG Pink diamonds
Teen 1 AG Opals
Youth modern

Lady Ice O4 group stunt
Lady Diamonds O5 group stunt
Open jazz
Youth 1 Amber
Youth Pom

Jnr 3 Jaspers
Youth 2 Garnets
Youth 1 Crystals
Teen 1 Rubies
Open 1 Onyx

Open 4 AG Rose Quartz

Special mention for great performances from Diamantes, Topaz, QUT and our other dance routines which did incredible performances at Nationals!

Don't forget, we have FREE workshops happening at QCE North (Geebung) and QCE West (Sumner Park) from the 2nd to the 12th of December and all are welcome to attend to experience a class at QCE.

We then have Placement Days from the 12-14th of December for all wanting to join us for another exciting year in 2015.

Email us at for our 2015 Information Pack for details about workshops and Placement Days!

Shannon Moule