Spring Carnival

Congratulations to each and every athlete for being outstanding competitors. Despite all the hurdles we had to overcome, each team still hit the mat determined to do their best and were able to get out on the floor and represent QCE with pride. We now look forward to Family and Friends Night and nationals with a renewed sense of purpose and 6 weeks to make our goals into a reality! 

As always, thank you x 1000000 to our coaches, you guys did an amazing job holding it together on the weekend, and our captains and team mums for being so organised and helpful on the day. You all worked together brilliantly to make the day run smoothly. Thank you also to our cheer families who were organised and on time to the event, reducing the stress for everyone involved.


Junior jets 1st
Emeralds 1st + overall 2 and pinnacle
Crystals 1st + pinnacle
Garnets 1st
Sapphires 1st
Pink diamonds 1st + pinnacle
Aquamarine 3rd
Diamonds 1st
Flawless 1st
Lady jades 1st
Opals - great performance but no place this time
Firestones - great performance but no place this time
Ambers - great performance but no place this time
Rubies 1st + overall 1
Rose quartz 1st
Peppermint pearls 1st
Lemon Quartz 3rd
Pink pearls 3rd
Purple Quartz 2nd
Smokey Quartz 3rd
Peach pearls 1st
White pearls 1st
QUT neon 2nd
UQ supernova 1st
UQ infinity 2nd
QUT titanium 1st

Well done to all! Bring on Family and Friends Night in 4ish weeks time! 🎉

Junior Jets having fun at Spring Carnival!

Jaidev Vasudevan