QCE in the NEWS

Very excitingly, we were featured on the Today Extra program today, showcasing competitive cheerleading in Australia and what it's all about.

The athletes were SO excited to be able to showcase their tumbling and stunting skills on camera and some were lucky enough to be interviewed for the story.

Our goal at QCE since we began was to educate the public on the 'real' side of competitive cheerleading and why it is such an amazing sport for young people.

We have had to face many stereotypes and judgements as people have been in the dark about cheerleading and what it's all about. Many were not aware of our style of cheer and how it differs from many other styles that Australian's are exposed to (NRL cheerleading, cheerleaders in the movies / TV / on video clips). But it's amazing to note that as the years go by, more and more people have an understanding of competitive cheerleading, what it's about, and that it's an athletic, challenging and legitimate choice of sport for young people to participate in.

A HUGE thank you to Today Extra for airing a story which portrayed our sport in such an insightful and respectful manner! You can see a snippet of the story here: https://twitter.com/TheTodayShow/status/754837830975619072


Jaidev Vasudevan