Building a anti-bullying tool kit

I sat and watched a video this morning this morning on Facebook which has gone viral, called 'How To Stop Bullying'. 

Admittedly I was sceptical. Often these videos are great for starting a conversation, but don't often equip young people (or adults for that matter) with any real, tangible tools to use in the future.

What I loved about this one, is firstly, an easy to understand break-down of what bullying is. Amid dealing with conflict, young people often are overwhelmed and confused about what and why it is happening. When we start to understand bullying, we can start to understand how to educate our children about how to deal with these issues in a way that empowers, not disempowers them.

Secondly, it gives some practical examples of how to respond to this conflict. Whilst we believe that teacher/coach/parent involvement is sometimes required – (when the conflict gets to a level which is beyond the capabilities of the children to work out, if there is any physical violence, if it is on-going etc), the missing link that is often overlooked, is, how we can arm our kids with the skills and the voice to stand up for themselves.

Bullying will be experienced by everyone at some stage in their life. It could be a difficult person in your class, friendship circle, family or workplace. If we can begin practising the skills to overcome this from a young age, we will be building a tool kit which will be drawn upon many times in the years to come. When we go straight to intervention, we bypass the bit where we discuss ways our child could handle this situation for themselves, which supports the building of resilience, confidence and assertiveness.

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Video can be viewed here:

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- Coach Shannon 

Jaidev Vasudevan