Choreography begins for our comp teams!

Easter holidays mean a few things to us at QCE: chocolate, beach, family and CHOREOGRAPHY!

Each of our competitive teams has an intensive 12 hour session with a choreographer in order to learn their routine for the season ahead. This includes learning all the stunts (lifts), their pyramid, tumbling formations, motions and dance. 

To the outside world, some wonder how/why it could possibly take 12 hours in order to do this. Hopefully once you have seen a cheerleading routine, you would understand why!

With most teams between 20-30 athletes, each count is accounted for over the 2.5 minute routine. This is approx 46 x 8 counts, or 368 counts that each athlete needs to learn. This includes where they need to be positioned on the mat, what count and where they will tumble, counts for all their lifts and a very intricate end dance which has athletes utilising levels, jumps, kicks, motions, rolls and more. 

We are excited to see that every season, our athletes are better and better at this process - it is actually amazing to think how much their brains are being used in this process, to remember movement, patterns and sequences, and even better to see that the following year, they can remember more, their bodies are sharper and they understand where they are in space and how they need to move their body to create the look the choreographer is after. They are also able to concentrate for longer and longer periods, which does blow me away at times, especially kids as young as 7 and 8 being able to focus, understand, and then put that into practise on the floor.

We hope everyone is excited to see these routines, I know I am! Every year I see more and more skill being put into the routines, and especially this year with the club vision of "MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL" - we are really seeing the coaches and athletes go that extra mile with pointed toes, straight legs and sharp motions to increase the overall execution of our routines.

After choreography, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for a catch up. Sometimes you may not know what a coach has made a particular decision, but we are  more than happy to go through this with you so you understand. Ultimately the coaches make the decisions which best impact the team and will 

Jaidev Vasudevan