Share the Dignity at QCE

This year, we decided that we would like to include one major charity drive in the year, so that as a community, we can give back to the larger community, and create some conversation between coaches and athletes around some of the issues facing others, and what we can be doing ourselves, to support those less fortunate than ourselves. 

In 2019, QCE decided to support the charity Share the Dignity. If you would like to know more about this fantastic charity, you can check out their website, here:

Every year in Australia, thousands of homeless women are forced to endure their periods without access to sanitary items – imagine having to chose between buying food or pads/tampons, during an already stressful time of your life.

Throughout the month of August, we have had donation boxes at both our gyms,  and have been humbled by the number of QCE families who have donated to support these women so they too can have the dignity that so many of us take for granted.

We are thrilled that at last count, we had 620 packs of pads and tampons ready to go to Share the Dignity. With another week left, we are hoping we can reach our goal of 1000 packs!

We are so proud of what the QCE community has been willing to contribute and look forward to seeing the final count at the end of the month.  



Jaidev Vasudevan