Training twice per week | 4-5 COMPETITIONS ANNUALLY

For the motivated, determined and competitive girl out there - competitive cheerleading ticks ALL the boxes (without the 20+ of training that comes with most competitive sports like gymnastics). Our competitive program has been extremely successful since we began in 2011, supporting our athletes to strive for excellence in their tumbling, stunting, jumps and dancing skills, whilst developing their performance ability and confidence. 

Unlike some other traditional female activities like dancing or gym; cheerleading, and especially competitive cheer, focuses on the team - and how each member uniquely contributes to making the routine the best it can be. We love seeing our athletes congratulating and participating in the success of their team mates, and enjoying their success as much as if it was their own. 

Competitive cheerleading is an excellent progression for those who have joined our semi-competitive program and are looking for that next step, or as a transition out of gymnastics and other gym sports - allowing athletes to retain their skills, with a lighter training schedule than competitive gymnastics would allow.

As part of a cheer routine, there is dance, jumps and the two other major components: stunting and tumbling. For those new to the sport, please read on to find out more! 



Stunting is unique to cheer, and encompasses all the lifts and throws you see in our sport. Athletes are in groups of 4 or 5 called their 'stunt group' and work together all season to hone their skills. There is something special about cheer because you are so reliant on others - the trust and connection you develop with your team mates is like nothing else!  Stunting begins with lifts close to the ground, and increases in height and complexity as athletes develop their skills and confidence. It also includes pyramid skills, where by every single member of the team is involved to create multiple lifts which link together. This is often the most exciting moment in a cheer routine, and represents team work at its finest! 


Most people are more familiar with the tumbling side of cheer, as it is heavily based in gymnastics. Tumbling refers to the flips, rolls and cartwheels you would see in a cheerleading routine, similar to the floor skills in gymnastics. Building upon this, cheer puts many skills together, and athletes perform these with their team mates at the same time - making for an exciting display of athletisism. Like stunts, tumbling begins at level 1, and increased in difficulty as athletes build their strength, flexibility and body awareness. 



Ready to take the leap into competitive cheer?

We are passionate about the benefits of cheer and love to see new athletes getting involved at a competitive level. In our competitive program, athletes develop a tight-knit bond with their team mates, as they work towards a common goal all year, attending competitions and events together and improving their skills as the year goes on. There is truely nothing like it! The 2019 season has now begun and we are taking enrollments into our competitive program. Click the button below to register for your 2019 Information Pack today, including our free trial offer.