QCE: A History


Queensland Cheer Elite was formed from the highly successful Q Cheer, a Brisbane-based university squad which was founded in 2007 with just 14 members. When it was clear that people of all ages were interested in the new sport of cheerleading, With a passion to reach a wider age of athletes, Queensland Cheer Elite was developed as an all-ages, All Star cheerleading club, offering an extensive cheer and dance program.

QCE was launched in January 2011 with classes at Logan and Ascot, offering 5 cheerleading teams and 2 dance teams, totaling 60 athletes. This was the year we experienced winning our first National titles, with first place at AASCF Nationals for all three of our cheer teams entered, Open 3 Diamonds, Open 2 Sapphires and Senior 1 Rubies.

After a very successful 2011 and 2012 season, in January 2013, we moved into our own facility at Geebung on Brisbane’s Northside, increasing our cheer teams to 12 and our dance teams to 4.

In 2014, QCE expanded to a second facility on Brisbane's West, at Sumner Park, in addition to our gym at Geebung, and increased to 16 cheer teams.

In 2015, we continued our growth, introducing recreational cheerleading in addition to our competitive cheerleading program. In the 2015 season, we offered 19 competitive cheer teams and 5 recreational cheer teams and have enjoyed outstanding results from all levels and teams throughout the year. We also begin training several university teams from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).



2016 started with our Northside gym moving into a much larger facility at Kedron, to accommodate our growth. To reach a wider range of athletes and families, in 2016, we also introduced a new stream of cheerleading, Semi-Competitive Cheer. This allows athletes to compete whilst still only training once a week and has been very successful in allowing more young people to explore and enjoy the benefits of cheerleading.

2017 was another action-packed season for our gym, moving our Sumner program into a bigger facility to allow for more classes and equipment for our students. We have celebrated another successful season, seeing our athletes produce wonderful performances at competitions, as well as seeing a impressive increase in tumbling skills and execution this season, which has been the focus of our tumbling staff. We are now gearing up to travel to Melbourne with our Nationals teams in November, before enjoying our end of season Galaxy Ball in December. 

2018 brings with it many exciting opportunities, including travelling to the USA to attend the World's largest cheerleading competition, NCA Nationals, in February 2018. We are excited for what’s to come – more events, growth, excitement and development for our members as we continue to forge our path on the Australian cheerleading scene! 

For more about us and what we believe in at QCE, listen to our recent radio interview with ABC HERE.