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We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to cheer and to experience the benefits of this great sport; however we are aware that not all athletes and families can fully commit to our training schedule on top of other extracurricular sports, school activities and work commitments.

In response to this, we launched our Semi-competitive Cheer program in 2016, to allow athletes the chance to experience the excitement and achievements surrounding competing, with a reduced training and competition schedule. This is the ideal starting place for those new to cheer who would like the chance to compete in some competitions throughout the year. The program was incredibly successful and we are offering it again in 2017. 

We offer the following semi-competitive teams in 2017 at both our North and South-West gyms:

-          Mini level 1 (ages 5-8)

-          Youth level 1 (ages 9-11)

-          Junior Level 1 (ages 12-14)

-          Teen Level 1 (ages 12-18)

-          Open Level 1 (ages 17+) 

We are still have positions available our semi-competitive teams and you can join any time throughout the year.

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