QCE are not only creating amazing cheerleaders but are helping create amazing young women
— QCE West Mum

My daughter joined QCE 6 years ago and it is the best decision I ever made! Cheer is her life and everyone at QCE is like family. The directors and coaches are strong, independent, dedicated young women who my daughter looks up to and I can’t ask for more than that! Cheer teaches discipline, strength and commitment and is the best sport for my child. If you want your child to become more confident and be fit and healthy this is the sport for them and this is the club for you!
— QCE West Mum

My daughter is LOVING Cheerleading! She has finally found her “thing” :)
The staff are all fantastic.
Thanks QCE - you guys ROCK!
— QCE North Mum

Professionalism, respect, hardworking, commitment - all values this club models. The coaches are admirable role models for our younger ones, and mentors for the older athletes. The work ethic and culture inside the gym fosters motivation and self improvement, but with a very nurturing aspect. Would recommend to anyone who wants to either give cheer a go, improve their technique and skills, participate in rec or comp teams, all whilst having fun!!
— QCE West Mum

I started at QCE in 2015 everyone was so welcoming and helpful. The coaches are amazing and have helped me develop as a cheerleader and a person so much. Joining was the best decision I’ve ever made. I would highly recommend QCE to anyone thinking of doing cheer!!
— QCE Diamonds Athlete

What a wonderful welcoming club! I’ve already learnt so many new skills in 2 weeks. Definitely the club to be at if you want a dedicated, passionate team to help you reach your goals.
— QCE Sapphires Athlete